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03 January 2012 @ 10:32 am
I've moved to cufflebump. I'm not sure how frequently I will post, I just feel that I've changed a good deal since starting this and sort of want a "clean slate". Also, this name just annoys me. So I made up one that's nonsense.
10 July 2011 @ 12:08 am
1) Favourite potion? Mm. Draught of Peace. I’m an anxious person.
2) Favourite magical creature? Unicorns :D I don’t know. I like a lot of them :) Possibly all of them.
3) Favourite Gryffindor? Dumbledore.
4) Favourite Slytherin? Snape.
5) Favourite Hufflepuff? Tonks.
6) Favourite Ravenclaw? Luna.
7) Favourite wizarding school (ie Beauxbatons, Durmstrang or Hogwarts?) Hogwarts, Hogwarts!
8) Favourite spell? Ebublio.
9) Favourite Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes product? I don’t know. P:
10) Favourite wizarding place? Diagon Alley.
11) If you had an animagus, what animal would it form? Most people I asked thought some sort of bird, esp. an owl. Though one friend said Raven, too.
12) Which Deathly Hallow would you choose? (Yes, I know they’re dangerous but still…) Invisibility Cloak WITHOUT question. Hell, I don’t care if they’re dangerous, I want one anyways.
13) Favourite character from Marauder era? James xD Such a cocky git. But I love Sirius and Lupin just as much or more.
14) Favourite member of the Order of the Phoenix? Dumbledore.
10 July 2011 @ 12:03 am
1) What is/are your favorite book/s? Goblet of Fire, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban in that order, though I seriously loved them all.
2) What is/are your favorite movie/s? The same.
3) How do you feel about the movies compared with the books? Books are always far superior.

4) What is your favorite character? Least favorite and why? “Who is”. Characters are not what’s. Luna, Snape, Dumbledore and Luscious-Lucius. Even though he’s a dick. I like the way he talks.
5) If you could travel by any magical transportation, what would it be? Broom or floo.
6) Which house do you think you’d be in? (BE HONEST! Even though I’d love to be in Gryffindor, there’s no denying the quizzes online - I’m a Hufflepuff…ugh.) Uhm, hon, did you read the first book? Harry CHOSE Gryffindor when the sorting hat CLEARLY wanted to put him into Slytherin, which means that you’d have a choice that held at least a little weight, A, and B… Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are, in my perspective, a lot more similar than Gryffindor and Slytherin. Also, you know yourself far better than any online survey ever could. I mean, look at Neville as well—he has a lot of Hufflepuff traits, at least until the end, where his Gryffindor really starts to shine. J. K. Rowling repeatedly says (through whatever means) that it’s our choices that make who we are.  Neville was Gryffindor because, deep down, he was brave and he had all that capability hidden within him, he just needed something to bring it out. And Harry could have been in Slytherin, but he chose Gryffindor, and he chose to be brave and do what he felt was right. It’s so not about what some online quiz made by a fan who has no more ah… qualifications than any other fan says. It’s what you are, feel, and choose.
As for me, probably Ravenclaw.

7) Did you like the ending of the 7th book? If not, what would you have written differently? Yes; nothing, I view all of the events as necessary. Nothing should be changed, imo, except maybe leaving the epilogue out and instead revealing what would have happened in interviews or online, after fans asked questions—which, being FANS and with what a broad spectrum of people encompass the Harry Potter fanbase, they inevitably would.
8) On a scale of 1 to 100, how obsessed are you with HP? At least an 80. I don’t have the memory/am to ADD to remember crazy trivia, but I am still nothing less than absolutely in love with the world she created.
9) Have you ever written any HP fanfiction, just so you could incorporate yourself into the story somehow? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t want to incorporate myself into the story she already laid-out, anyways, in part because I was born at a point where I’d be far too young to be involved, unless I was just a bad-ass baby. I’d want to be part of my own story within that world. I have no interest in the characters and plots she already established being a part of my story. I want my friends, my family, my circumstances, but in that world. (However, I am giving some thought to making a fancomic).

10) Which character’s death were you most depressed about? Snape’s and Harry’s.
11) Do you think that they will ever incorporate Peeves into the last two movies? Ah, probably not. It’s already DHP2 and they haven’t yet.
12) Which character are you most like? Agh, I don’t know, I have traits that fall all across the board. I don’t compare myself to fictional characters P: Sounds really pretentious, but I just don’t. I’m Lacee. I have Hermione moments and Harry-emotional-outbursts, can really relate to Snape in some aspects, Neville moments (pre-badass Neville xD), Marauders-moments, Luna moments… I mean, I could probably relate to most of the characters in some way.
13) What was your favorite part in the whole series? Shit, I don’t know. I guess I always liked the scenes where they were in the Three Broomsticks drinking butterbeer. She wrote it in such an enticing way, I always wanted to try it.
14) And last but not least: Fred or George? All (both) or nothing T^T
10 July 2011 @ 12:02 am
Name: Lacee
Tumblr Name: zombiecrumpet
Nickname: Different friends call me different things, I don’t mind new nicknames.
Birthday: June 26th
Status: Single, not interested in anything less than Absolute Soul Mates/True Love Forever
Random fact about you: Pretty socially anxious, but I get overly excited when I meet people I actually “click” with.
Hobbies/Interests: Art, writing, Harry Potter (ANYTHANG), Harry/Draco, pretty, pretty slash, funny witty things
Do you smoke/drink: Nope.
Why Tumblr? I don’t know. I used to not like it (D8 I KNOW) and then it took over my life somehow…
21 April 2011 @ 07:54 pm
Things are not split so simply in the case of my beliefs.

This is not a case of, if I don't believe in your god, I don't  believe in any god. It's not a case of, if I don't believe in your god, I deny all possibilities.

Evolution makes sense to me, however I may hate the idea. I see nothing wrong with porn, pre-marital sex, homosexuals, transsexuals, gender-queer, gender-fluid, asexuals, liberals, democrats, whatever--pretty much everything you hate (and I revel in).

Hell. I even feel that there is a possibility of there being some sort of deity out there.

It is YOUR god (well, and organized religion as a whole) I deny.

Wholeheartedly, unashamedly, and with gusto.

I measure right and wrong through my own sense of morality. If I can see no logical reason why something is wrong, then it is not wrong to me. And if your god tells me otherwise, they have some explaining to do before I will ever consider their truths.

I accept that you believe what you do. I put up with it when you call me blind, tell me I'm going to hell, and imply that you're disappointed and surprised that I, whom you thought of as an intellectual, don't believe in your god because "any intelligent person does".

It doesn't even phase me anymore, and yet you let my beliefs take over you for hours and I have to listen to you ranting.

I accept yours. I accept you. I accept that you have the right to whatever you so choose to believe in, so long as it doesn't harm anyone. I say nothing in defense of my beliefs because I know you'll get angry, upset, and not let it go. You won't even listen to what I have to say--what I really have to say--and you'll rave on and off about it for hours and possibly every time I see you.

"I'm sorry, this is just something I feel very strongly about."

Me, too. I spend a lot of time thinking on my belief system, getting other opinions, hearing other sides, and trying to understand. The beliefs I've came to are my very strongest convictions.

But I understand that different people, born in different times, to different parents, raised in different environments, and whose minds aren't a clone of eachother are going to think... SHOCKER!... differently. We're going to have different perspectives, because we've had different experiences and have different personalities and therefore different ways of thinking.

I just wish you could show me the respect and tolerance I show you. I understand that things are subjective, and that we are two people with two different perspectives because we are living two different lives.

If anything, you're just making yourself a prime example of why I don't want to follow your religion. How you act under these circumstances is a HUGE factor in why I get bitter and angry towards many of the followers of your religion. And the sad thing is, it's certainly not just you.

"Even if our beliefs were wrong--and they're not--I don't see why you would want to take that chance."

Hell doesn't scare me. I've been far more afraid of Heaven than Hell. In fact, I'm rather paranoid of Heaven. I hate the thought of Heaven. No, I wouldn't especially want to go to Hell, if it DOES exist (and I don't  feel things are so easily split into Eternal Damnation or Eternal Salvation), but I will never forsake my logic for fear of what will happen to me in an afterlife that may or may not be. If there is a god and they send me to Hell for me doing what I thought was right my whole life while giving others the most consideration that I can, then I will gladly go to Hell because I want no part of that god anyways.

"Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." --Thomas Jefferson

The fear of Hell will never keep me from endorsing, supporting, or subscribing to beliefs, opinions, groups, etc. which I feel have a good cause. I'm not going to live my whole life in fear and take on a belief system I feel is flawed in multiple ways because of the POSSIBILITY of me being damned to Hell for supporting what I feel is right. The implication of that is extremely insulting to me. Heck, if your god does exist, I feel that it's insulting to THEM, too.

End rant. Now, time to sleep after having been up for nearly 28 hours. And waking again in nearly an hour...
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23 March 2011 @ 11:31 am
In Which There's Angst.Collapse )

I need to re-read this when I'm actually sane, it's probaby ghastly. I wrote it when I was tired to keep me awake, and decided it was a good idea to edit it in the same situation, like a genius.
They're characters I've had for a while, have very little plans for, and who seem to be destroying what plans I did have for them. They're going the opposite direction than what I had wanted them to. Before I wrote this, I only knew (well, I still only know) very little about the story. All I had was some of their relatives, their basic personalities & looks, and the opening scene to Todd's story, and how he was supposed to end up which is the thing that's going in the opposite direction.
Ah, this is definitely not the opening, by the way. This is quite a ways along in Todd's story. & I'm sort of obsessed with Harry Potter, that's why there's a common room... but the story/atmosphere/everything is waaaaay different from it. Well, what few things I'm considering for it, anyways.
But yeah. Lots of things bother me about this that I'm too lazy to fix right now and I just want to post it for some reason, in hopes that maybe I'll want to actually finish/trim it up and not abandon it like I always do.
There are a few things I'm not quite sure seem plausible, like Frankie's reaction and Todd's, also (hallway-scene). I just went off of a daydream I had about Ashton & Todd, and filled in what I hadn't had with things I'd daydreamed on the spot. Maybe I just need more in-between clarification, maybe it's because it's a random thing from the middle of their story (which is going to be LONG, I'm sure) that I wanted to write... maybe I won't really know how well it goes before I write the beginning and really get a taste for the characters, but I have no idea where the plot's going to go and AUGH. I typed that AGUH originally. I think that also fits with my sentiment.
I don't even know if it makes sense why Todd cares so much (but that could be because it's a snippet without back story rather than starting from the beginning, too). I know that /I/ care that much about my friends... I just don't know, and when I think about it my brain feels like goop. I've realized a big problem of mine is not being able to decide on things, and, in the case of stories, staying with a path that might not be the best because I get unsure about changing it. Worried that it wouldn't be quite as good, I guess, when in a lot of cases it might be better.
Oddly, it's really easy for me to decide things for other people. Lol.
Also rambling when I'm tired.

I have a kitten in my lap (3 weeks old, long haired grayish tabby with eyes about half as big as her face and hair you can fluff up into a fauxhawk, with ears that curl inward slightly. Her name is Draco after the Draco in A Very Potter Musical/Sequel (esp. the scene where he's writing to Luscious (not a typo) with a crayon >W<) but we call her Tumblebutt all the time because she tumbles everywhere).
Jacque's over, sleepin, I'm trying to stay awake all day so I can wake up in time to go to my grandma's at 10am because she has some jobs for me to do and FUCKYEAHMONEY, I guess same old story, really. I seem to always post when I'm falling-off-my-ass tired.

I've been playing this MMO, Forsaken World, which is by the makers of Perfect World but not as crazy, and missing WoW. Which is pretty pathetic, especially when you take in to consideration that I'm not at all good at it (WoW, but FW/PW as well). Dungeons I just don't know because I've never done, don't want to do because WoW people intimidate me horribly and I don't want to party with douches which EVERYONE on there seems like (they are either trolls, wanna-be trolls, SUPER CRITICAL and throw a bitch fit if you don't know exactly what you're doing, or want to take advantage of you it seems like. And I'm already horrible with people so I just put on my turtle shell and slip away into oblivion. Of course, I've only deduced this from what I read on the in-game-chat... but whatever. It's enough to make me not want to do dungeons until I understand them completely, but I can't do that unless I play them and AHHH).
But we stalked this one guy on this server who started a guild that's really popular. It was REALLY hilarious even though he didn't react at all... at one point we just put him on follow and left to go make food, and just wanted to see where we ended up (when on follow, it likes to run you into walls and break the follow command a LOT). Just... no words for how much fun we had doing that. And Jacque's character is DoubleRainbow (a male Kindred Vampire with soft pink hair), and her pet is named OMG so when you see her pet's name it's:
(DoubleRainbow) which is pretty brilliant. And then my character is LustfulUnicorn who is a (male) Kindred Assassin. I just like the name LustfulUnicorn... it makes me laugh a lot.

See, rambles when tired. GEEZE THE RANT AFTER THE STORY IS LIKE A STORY ITSELF I'm just. stopping.
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09 March 2011 @ 07:38 pm
Poll #1715986 Hogwarts House Poll.

I wanted to make a poll. For something I'm really curious about the statistics to. So. Which Hogwarts House are you?

Like I said, curious about the statistics, have this free-Paid-Account-trial thing just wasting away... & yeah.
(Psst, I'd really like it if we had a lot of Huffliepuffs, just 'cause they're always the underdogs it seems).
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09 March 2011 @ 04:38 pm
I am not a child.
My height reaches a staggering 5'0". My face is rounded. When I'm with my friends, I wear a lazy, crooked smirk, and I don't even know if it reaches my eyes.
When I am alone, I age. My mouth is downturned, naturally, having no attention paid to it when my mind is hurtling through its own world. The etched-in dark circles beneath my eyes stand out, and they look lifeless.
I am not a child. I am not concerned with obtaining a significant other, having plethoras of friends, and I am not simple. My goals in life are not to start a family, get a job, and die. Procreation is not my legacy.
I am not a child. My intelligence is not things I hear, like, and give no personal thought or research into before subscribing to it.
I am not a child. I can question with ease—and pleasure—the mundane, the normal, the widely-accepted.
I am not a child. My true cares lie with knowledge, truth—answers to The Big Questions, though I know I will not find them—the wellbeing of the people that I love, and bettering myself.
I am not a child. I don't judge solely on what I see, I don't hate or condemn the unknown; I'm intrigued by it, and I let no one define my reality for myself.
I am not a child.
I don't even know. It just popped into my head the other day, while I was in the car, riding with my friend. I jotted it down in a notebook really fast and added a few bits & pieces when I typed it up. I don't even know what it is. Poetic ranting? IDEFK.
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17 December 2010 @ 01:43 am
Everything that is wrong has a reason WHY it is wrong; a reason that any person of sound mind could understand, whether or not they agree with your religious beliefs.
I believe that if something is wrong, it hurts someone. That is the only basis I can think of to judge morality against; does it hurt someone?
If I can't think of a reason why something is wrong (who it hurts and how), then I will question why it is considered wrong, and probably not consider it wrong myself.

Sometimes, of course, discretion must be used, and there are cases of "The Lesser Of Two Evils".

Beliefs should not be forced upon others; your OWN ideals, which I hope you have come to legitimately and through your own discretion, are no better than someone else's, who has done the same but came to a different reasoning than you. That is arrogant. People have free choice; everyone has the right to choose what they believe, and, if it doesn't harm anyone, they are fully entitled to that.
People are born with different personalities; whether through genetic makeup, something divine, or both. Those personalities are built upon through ones environment, and the situations one is in because of their environment and the people in it. These things cannot be exactly the same for everyone, so, obviously, people are going to think differently.
Getting a different point of view than your own is a very handy thing, and something can be learned form everyone because we think differently, because we've experienced different things.
Saying, outright, "You're wrong" in terms of an opinion is pretty much telling them that their reasoning isn't as legitimate as yours, and I think that's a hefty accusation.

Someone's personal beliefs or the personal beliefs of a group of people should not be forced upon someone else or another group of people who has different beliefs, simply because it goes against the former person's/group's beliefs and harms none. It is petty, arrogant, and disgusting that one thinks this is okay, and that it's let to happen.

If you feel like you can't question or change your beliefs, you're probably someone who needs to do that the most.

The only two reasons I can think of holding a serious and sincere argument are to:
A) Better understand where the other side is coming from. Honestly.
B) Change the other side's mind.

If you are on the offensive, (meaning here both "saying offensive things", and "on the offensive"), people will get defensive, and if people are defensive, they are a lot less likely to honestly hear you out. If you're attacking them, it's not at all likely that any normal person will stop and actually listen to you. They will defend themselves, as is natural instinct when one is attacked.
Therefore, how can you expect to change someone's mind by attacking them? Everyone has feelings. Everyone deserves some basic form of respect and consideration as a fellow human being. No matter how adamantly you believe in your beliefs, that doesn't make them right, or better. Your feelings, just because they're the ones you have closest at hand, don't hold precedence over anyone else's, and they do not cancel out anyone else's. Your beliefs aren't the only ones that matter, they aren't the only ones that may be true; your feelings are not the only one's that matter. Your feelings are no better or worse than anyone else's, and they're certainly no more important.

Everyone is equal because everyone effects everything. Even if you don't meet a person, they effect your life, because they are meeting people and doing things; and the people they meet are meeting people and doing things; and the people they meet are meeting people and doing things, etc. And eventually, that comes back to you. Everyone is equal because everyone effects everything.
17 December 2010 @ 01:13 am
  1. Your deadliest sin. Sloth.
  2. Tell us a secret. I don't feel like I truly belong into a gender category.
  3. What is your secret fantasy (keep it g-rated, ok?)? Fuck G ratings. Why should I rate it G for you? You're not going to read this, and anyways, if wherever I have this posted has an age rating already, I'm entitled to do with it as I please as long as I stay within that rating/rate it properly. Rough boy on boy sex; fast-paced, headboard-gripping, pillow-or-person-biting, bestial goodness. Possibly mild bondage/S&M. (As for G-rated, I WANT TO BE A WIZARD D;<)
  4. To where would you escape? Edinburgh or Glasgow, Scotland.